Pure Linen Ring Sling-Sandcastles

This sling features a minimalist, Scandinavian design which favours functionality as well as comfort. Linen's greatest quality is it's ability to conform to baby's body without stretching out or losing shape. It also softens over time and after each washing. Linen is breathable and sturdy, so it is an excellent choice for all climates. *Sling measures 34" wide x 85" long Slings are a great way to keep your baby close and your hands free. Wearing your baby increases bonding by encouraging skin to skin contact and closeness with parents and caregivers. Baby slings mimic the womb environment, making baby feel safe and secure. Baby's needs are easily met when held close, which means less crying. Baby slings are great for discreet breastfeeding no matter where you are. This sling is suitable for babies between 7-35 Pounds. Be sure to exercise caution when wearing your baby. *Keep baby's face visible at all times. *Practice wearing your sling before putting baby inside. *Avoid any unsafe activities while wearing your baby, such as: Smoking, drinking hot drinks, running, exercising, cooking, or drinking alcohol.

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