Lavender Love - Extra Long Linen Ring Sling

This gorgeous linen sling features a beautiful cotton tail that adds a pop of colour for an ultimate fashion statement. This sling is pre-washed and shrunk so you'll be less likely to experience fading or shrinkage. This sling is 30 inches wide and 92 inches long, making it easily wearable for plus-size moms or anyone who enjoys an extra long tail. Slings are a great way to keep your baby close and your hands free. Wearing your baby increases bonding by encouraging skin to skin contact and closeness with parents and caregivers. Baby slings mimic the womb environment, making baby feel safe and secure. Baby's needs are easily met when held close, which means less crying. Baby slings are great for discreet breastfeeding no matter where you are. This sling is suitable for babies between 7-35 Pounds. Be sure to exercise caution when wearing your baby. *Keep baby's face visible at all times. *Practice wearing your sling before putting baby inside. *Avoid any unsafe activities while wearing your baby, such as: Smoking, drinking hot drinks, running, exercising, cooking, or drinking alcohol. Slings and Wraps- All slings are made to be exceptionally roomy and fit all body types. Think of your sling as a piece of clothing-accidents happen, especially with little babies. All slings are washable and dry-able with other like fabrics. Linen slings may shrink slightly, but will become softer and more comfortable with each wash. *All shop items are made by me from high-quality materials. I have worn all 7 of my babies and ensure each sling is carefully made for the precious babies it will hold. *Each sling is approximately 30 inches wide and 80+ inches long to accommodate breastfeeding, multiple caregivers and ultimately, keep you comfortable during wear. *Each sling is made with large aluminum or nylon rings from which are tested for babywearing safety.

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