Retro Owls Bamboo Stretchy Wrap Baby Sling- Baby Wrap - Babywearing - Baby Sling - New Mom Gift - Newborn - Toddler - Baby Carrier

This wrap will keep your baby close and secure while ensuring your neck and back are supported. This wrap is made from 5 yards of buttery soft bamboo, with a decorative front panel. This wrap is an excellent way to practice skin to skin contact after birth. By mimicking the womb environment, baby wraps and slings promote attachment parenting by keeping baby close and keeping their needs met. Suitable for babies from 5-25 pounds. *Always use caution when using babywearing products. Make sure baby's neck is supported and that baby's chin is not resting on their chest. Never let fabric cover baby's face or block air passage. Avoid dangerous activities when wearing your baby such as: Cooking Exercising Sleeping Drinking hot beverages Smoking Or anything else that might result in injury to you or your child. Practice wearing wraps and slings before placing baby inside. Make sure your wrap feels comfortable and is tied securely.

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