0-12 Month Polished Baltic Amber Teething Necklace- Stocking Stuffer - Baby Gift - Toddler Gift - New Mom Gift

This raw amber teething necklace is 13 inches in length and should fit most babies from 0-12 months comfortably. There is a knot between each bead which reduces the risk of choking due to beads popping off. Baltic Amber is a fossilized substance made from tree resin. It contains the highest levels of succinic acid found in nature, which is widely used for it's pain-relieving properties. When worn against your skin, the oil from the beads activate, allowing you to benefit from their healing qualities. For your baby, this can mean: *reduced fussiness *reduced pain from teething *improved immune system ***It is important to note that this item can cause choking or strangulation when used incorrectly. *Never allow a child to wear a necklace without constant supervision. *Never allow a child to fall asleep while wearing a necklace. *Never allow your child to play with the necklace when not being worn as choking may occur For further safety, this necklace can easily be worn as a bracelet or anklet for baby which still allows the full healing properties while reducing risk of harm.

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